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Age Range: 55 to 64 years old
Skin Type: Sensitive
Very good
Very bad
Love this Toner!!

If you have any struggles with keeping your skin clear, this toner is for you! Along with the charcoal cleanser, this toner is the only thing that cleared up my skin.

Age Range: 55 to 64 years old
Skin Type: Sensitive
Very good
Very bad
The Best Cleanser for Troubled Skin

I have a pernicious form of dermatitis, and I have found this cleanser to be the best to keep my skin clear. I would recommend it to anyone who is having challenges with their skin.

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Brightening Pure Pearl Face Sheet Mask (Pack of 10)
Heidi Ledford
Lovely and affordable

bright and Glowy! Juicy mask! Great before makeup. But If your the type to squeeze out all the serum once mask is removed and pat on, too sticky afterwards for makeup. That’s best at night. Hydrating and Glowy 

Brightening Pure Pearl Face Sheet Mask (Pack of 10)
I recommand

Really hydrating and moisturizing sheet mask

Great mask

Great moisturizing mask. My skin was hydrated and soft.

Love love love this product!

OMG. I have been using this product for a little over a week now and holy heckinbob! I have struggled with severely dry skin since I turned 30,or so I thought. Turns out I have a ton of build up of dead skin. This peel sloughs away all that dead skin and reveals bright glowing skin. I highly highly recommend!


This is probably, (actually it is), the best skin toner that I've ever had the the pleasure of using. I love that it's made of all natural ingredients and that it's non- perfumed. I have very sensitive skin so a lot of face creams/cleansers/toners make me come out in a rash. I use this toner every other day, as instructed for people with sensitive skin and so far, so good - no reaction whatsoever! I soak a cotton pad and swipe one half of my face in slow, circular motions and then use another cotton pad for the other half of my face to avoid germs. The consistency of the liquid is great, not too runny, but not too thick, so it won't clog my pores. I also like the small plastic lid cover to avoid any leaking and love the the opening doesn't allow too much liquid out. I love green tea, and I love this toner. When I do finish this bottle, I'll be purchasing another!

Brightening Pure Pearl Face Sheet Mask (Pack of 10)
Sopanha Rith

Brightening Pure Pearl Face Sheet Mask

Gentle, Effective & Affordable

Firstly, this does not contain any fragrance or essential oils! I get overly excited when I come across k-beauty products that contain no fragrance. The consistency is on the thicker side and quite viscous (similar to an essence consistency) and, is light brownish in colour. It absorbed into skin within seconds despite the viscosity. There is no tacky feeling and, it layers well under other products.

I like how it instantly soften and plumped up my skin. It provides a quick boost of hydration however, the hydration is not long lasting. My skin did feel a little tight afterwards. Overall, it did a great job at prepping my skin for the next steps in my routine.

This toner provides a very mild and gentle type of exfoliation. I felt no tingling sensation and it did not feel irritating in any sort of way. I find that it does exfoliate my skin effectively if I use it daily. Since, it is so gentle and uses plant derived AHA and PHA, the results are much slower compared to straight AHA products. Which I don’t mind because I know I will reach out for this toner on days where my skin is feeling sensitive.

It does a wonderful job at controlling excess sebum. My t-zone did not look shiny at all by the end of the day so, I didn’t need to blot or touch up. The toner also helped with the healing process of my active pimples. I noticed that pimples appeared less red and aggressive after consistent use.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience using this toner. I like how gentle and effective it felt on my skin. My overall skin texture and complexion looked a lot smoother and radiant.

Low pH Gentle Foaming Cleansing Gel
Sopanha Rith

Low pH Gentle Foaming Cleansing Gel

2-Step Honey Citrus Spa Facials Masks Kit
Sopanha Rith

2-Step Honey Citrus Spa Facials Mask (Pack of 5)

Gentle Acid Toner that Packs a Hydrating Punch

This toner has been formulated with one of my favourite ingredients, Green Tea which is renowned for its antioxidant properties as well as a botanical AHA/PHA blend, herbal complexes and a 6 sprout skin soothing complex designed to calm skin, redness, acne and post acne scars
This is plant based toner designed to be non irritating and ultra-soothing, Mothermade wanted to create not only a hydrating toner but a multitasking one with AHA/PHAs  gentle enough for daily use. This is an ideal concept for me as I often find acid toners way too strong and can only use them once or twice a week.
I really feel Mothermade have struck the perfect balance here, this toner has the most gorgeous essence like texture that feels super hydrating and nourishing on the skin with a faint earthy green tea scent (natural, there's no synthetic fragrance in this). I've been using this for a couple of weeks so this will be more a first impressions review but I am loving it, my skin is drinking up the hydration but not freaking out at the acid and I love that I am getting some gentle chemical exfoliation along with a nutrient infused hydrating kick.

Great Toner!!

I apply this after wiping my face with another toner and use this to prep my skin for skincare. I pour a few drops on to my palms and pat it in. The texture is very watery but a little thicker than water. This absorbs surprisingly quickly as well! It hydrates my face well while stabling my skin. I started using it after I am on my period and the inflammation I usually get was soothed afterwards! On days when I feel dehydrated, I apply 2 layers of this and it works really well! Would recommend!

Perfect for breakouts and dry/combo skin

It’s great for any skin that is acne or breakout prone skin.
It’s plant-derived ingredients help clear out the complexion without drying it out.
I love how gentle the aha and pha is in this toner. It gently exfoliates and removes dead skin while nourishing the skin. It also has anti inflammatory properties and it helps with breakouts and acne.
As first ingredient there is green tea water and I absolutely love it! It’s a great anti oxidant and it helps calm and soothe the skin while helps it rebalance.
The blend of 6 sprout extracts nourish and revitalise the skin and they’re quite up in the ingredients list.
I find the consistency watery like the majority of toners and it has a very mild natural green tea scent. My skin is nourished after the use and no irritation caused. It’s very mild so it’s excellent for anyone who is not used to acids. It helped me with breakouts and my skin has calmed down. I use it every other day at night.

Green Tea rouble away toner

I started using this toner when I got my month period. There are some pimples appear on my jawline, cheek and forehead. First, I use cotton pad and swipe over my face. The scent is very soft for me and didn't bother also didn't get irritated. When the first application I can feel the warm sensation from this toner. But my skin could accept it and didn't make breakout. I'm happy cause after 2&3 days of using it my pimples looks smaller and heal. Thankyou for this toner.

Gentle daily exfoliant

I have been using this for two weeks now, twice daily. Bear in mind that I not an acid newbie. The first application was a bit tingling but did not sensitized my skin. The instruction was to apply all over face with cotton pad, focusing on "troubled" area. Within the second night, I've already noticed my breakouts calming down. I use this right after cleansing before other steps and happy to say I have not experienced any breakout till today!! As for pores and scars, not much results can be seen but I'm happy to give this toner some time. Only complaint is the hole is a bit too small - I prefer my product flowing from the opening lol.
Thank you Mothermade for this toner! I can see myself repurchasing once I emptied this one (which I predict will take forever) xx

All Green toner

This toner is formulated with 83% all-natural brewed green tea leaves water and hence has a transparent ruby red color and a subtle smell of brewed green tea. Some key notable ingredients in this toner are Centella Asiatica Extract, Lotus root extract (brightening & anti aging benefits), Aloe leaf juice (soothing & anti-inflammatory). This also has plant and flower derived PHA and AHAs.
The “All Green” name of this toner is not just in reference to the green tea but also in reference to the nutrients from the green sprouts extracts - wheat germ, broccoli, cabbage leaf, alfalfa, radish and rapeseed extract. Not just these, this also has Natto Gum. Natto is made from boiled soyabeans that are fermented and is a famous food here in Japan. Even though I dislike everything about natto as a food, this is the first time for me using natto in my skincare. Natto contains abundant of Leicithin (skin softening), Vit E, Vit K2 and Gamma Polyglutamic Acid (PGA, which is ten times more hydrating than hyaluronic acid).
This is cruelty-free, alcohol-free, EO-free, Paraben-free, fragrance-free, dye-free.
My thoughts:
AHA’s have never been a good friend to me. I have had bad experiences with AHA toners in the past. I was kinda dreading this would break me out like the past AHA’s but luckily, so far this did not break me out. The tip on how to use this toner is either soaking it in a cotton pad and gently swiping it across the face & neck or patting it directly onto the skin. For sensitive skin, this is suggested to be used once every other day and then gradually increase it to twice daily. I use this by soaking it on a cotton pad and then gently swiping it across my face. Have used this only 5-6 times as I am taking it really slow considering my past experiences with AHAs. But as this contains flower and plant based PHAs & AHAs, this is a very gentle exfoliating toner and no breakouts so far. This feels soothing and hydrating and I guess it is safe for me to increase the usage.

So soothing!

My skin has both an acne break out and is dry. The All Green Tea-rouble-away Toner is so soothing on my already dry skin and attacks the blemishes at the same time. Works great both at night and in the morning as a prep underneath my makeup. Love this product!

Gentle & Refreshing

First of all I appreciate how lightweight this toner is - it means I can layer other skincare easily without disturbance. I can see how it would be suitable for all skin types, but it will be particularly helpful to combination~oily skin types (which may also be sensitive) due to green tea extract controling sebum well without irritation. It's very refreshing to use in the morning & is a lot more gentle on my skin in comparison to other green tea infused toners I had used prior. My favourite way to apply it is wilth clean hands rather than with cotton pads - I do this because the toner itself is also very natural & encourages me to appreciate nature more (i.e. not using wasteful cotton rounds). The size and shape of the bottle is comfortable to hold and helps with tipping it out. The stopper dispenses the product well without is coming out too fast or too slow. I'm so satisfied with this toner that I've begun to use it day and night, daily.

Best Sheet Mask for Dry Dehydrated & Sensitive Skin

✅Very moisturizing & hydrating in 10 mins
✅Best for dry weather conditions
✅Skin felt rested and nourished
✅No fragrance
✅Great ingredient list
✅Best for dry,extremely dry,sensitized/sensitive,normal & combination to dry skin
✅Great fit
✅Didn't cause breakouts
✅Ideal for minimal routine
❎Felt heavy on skin
❎Felt tacky
❎Didn't feel soothing
❎Oily to very oily people may not be comfortable.


I love it and It’s one of my favorite sheet masks now. So hydrating!

Ultra hydrating mask!

This mask is so hydrating and moisturizing. It is soaked in essence. It hadn't even started to dry after wearing for 10mins. I used a jade roller to roll the leftover essence it it dried down. I also jade roll when the sheet mask is on. It's relaxing and really makes sure the essence transfers to my skin. This is a great mask after an AHA or clay mask. Definitely recommend.

One of the best sheet masks!

This is a super thin sheet mask made of cupra cotton that adheres very well to my face, it doesn't slide around and it's soaked with a whooping amount of essence. I leave it on for 15-20 minutes and once I take it off, it still holds a lot of essence that I squeeze out and pat into my neck. The essence is quite sticky and thick, it leaves a hydrating film on the skin, thus it takes some time and patting to fully absorb. Because of that, I prever to use it in the evening. The mask has proven to be one of the most hydrating and plumping sheet masks I've used so far. The morning after using it, my skin looks very fresh, hydrated and it's less red and visibly calmed. It definitely lives up to its name being a rich mask, and even though I have combo skin leaning on the oily side, it didn't feel like too much nourishment or clogging. All in all, this is a very good sheet mask to go for when my skin feels sensitive and dehydrated. Would definitely repurchase!

* I received these sheet masks from Mother Made for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Effective, gentle exfoliator

You have to understand the purpose of this product to properly evaluate this. This enzyme wash is not a makeup remover or first cleanse, it is a gentle cleanser (neutral ph) meant for the gentle morning cleanse or second cleanse. You can also use this as a gentle exfoliant by using a little bit more, lathering, and letting it sit on the skin for a few minutes (contains papaya enzyme). It leaves the skin really clean and exfoliated, but not dry, which is unique for this type of cleanser. I’ve used other enzyme cleansers that stripped the skin or were too harsh. Similar washes at Sephora retail for 2-3 times this price, including one by Amore Pacific ($60, harsher than this, and is heavily fragranced) and Tatcha ($65). Wishtrend and Apieu also have similar products at the same price point. I would recommend this for days where you wear little or no makeup, or just need a gentle, exfoliating wash, or need a facewash for travel (lightweight and TSA friendly). I would repurchase this when I’m out, it’s a standout product at this price.