Our Story

Hello, Welcome to MOTHER nature + Science MADE

Our Why

Have you ever struggled with choosing the right products that will work for your skin's
ever-chaning needs?

Felt frustrated with the cluttered bathroom cabinet because you, your partner and
kids supposedly need different lotions and potions?

Wondered if that cleanser you love is safe enough for your teen daughter to use?

You are not so alone.

We Too,

have struggled with finding products that would work for the skin that doesn't fit
neatly into one of the "types".

We too have searched high and low for products that work for different skin types and can
be shared with our husbands, brothers and parents.

We wanted to eliminate the uncessary, reduce the clutter and simplify our routines.

But such products, like an awesome pair of jeans, are a rare find.

The beauty industry deliberately boxes us in to easily digestible binearies - dry or oily,
teens or adults, men or women- making us believe that we all need different products to keep our skin healthy.


Because making a product that solves one skin trouble at a time (lik,e, say, post-sahve redness or excess sebum) is easier to make and more profitable to sell.

We were obsessed with the idea of clean and safe, daily skincare the whole family can share worry-free. And that's how MOTHER MADE was born.